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Yiddish songs, rare and familiar, for download

Yiddish Theater Music from Warsaw, Poland, 1929-1934

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Jane Peppler, Yiddish singer and translatorThis is Jane Peppler's Yiddish theater song sheet music archive. I made this site to house the rare Yiddish theater songs and folk songs I've been transcribing and arranging over the past decade or so. I perform them with my band Mappamundi or with a pianist, or just by myself.

From 2011-2014 I searched out the melodies for over a hundred rare songs beloved in Warsaw, Poland between the wars, and the result was the 230 book, Yiddish Songs from Warsaw 1929-1934 and three companion cds (details at the Yiddish Emporium where you will find many other Yiddish songbooks, books, and cds, including American Yiddish Penny Songs by Morris Rund and others).

Itzik Jelonek music bookThe book has sheet music with chords, transliterated lyrics, translations, and extensive notes on the songs, including where I found them. It includes the songs not just from Zhelonek's seven little books of lyrics, but also the songs from "35 Newest Hits from Azazel and Sambatiyon" (1929). You can buy the songs one by one for $2.50 each (from the links below) or get the whole 230 page book of them for just $7 (digital download) by clicking this button:

Jane Peppler speaks at the Library of CongressClick the picture to hear my talk at the Library of Congress (October 2014) on finding and reviving lost pre-war Yiddish cabaret songs

Now that the Zhelonek project is completed (except for 20 still lost songs), I am still hunting for rare Yiddish songs and making them into Youtube videos with English subtitles. Another ongoing project is researching and recording songs from the Morris Rund tenement songs book American Yiddish Penny Songs, see the Yiddish Penny Songs blog.the Yiddish Penny Songs Collection. I've made the broadsides available in a facsimile edition, I'm interested in hearing from anybody, please write me at jane@mappamundi.com if you have a venue to suggest, or have a rare record or piece of sheet music, or just want to say hello. Also, get updates by clicking here: join the mailing list.

Yiddish Theater Songs of the Roaring Twenties and Thirties, presentation by Jane Peppler at the Library of CongressYiddish Songs of the Jazz Age, my concert presentation of this research, was presented at the Library of Congress on October 22. Read more about it at JanePeppler.com. Contact me if you're interested in hosting a concert!

YIDDISH SONG INDEX (mp3 and sheet music packages)

Here is a list of the some of the Yiddish songs for which I've created sheet music and sound files. I am continuing to transcribe and record Yiddish songs, if you want one you don't see here contact me. (Most of the songs discussed on the Yiddish Penny Songs blog and the Polish Jewish Cabaret blog are available.) This Yiddish sheet music is for sale: each song is available as a pdf download chart (the melody written out with chords, transliteration and translation) for $2.50 payable via paypal to info@mappamundi.com

Also email me if you bought my cds somewhere and need the liner notes.

At the bottom: Yiddish and Hebrew songbooks and the Mappamundi Klezmer Tunebook.

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